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Who We Are

Managing Partner, REALTOR®

Matt “Aaron” Shipon

Matt is responsible for all acquisitions, sales, and leasing activities for the company. As team leader of The Shipon Team at KW Philly, he also helps clients achieve their own personal and financial goals through real estate.

Managing Partner, Project Manager

Seth “Robert” Shipon

Seth is primarily responsible for managing all construction related activities of the company. He maintains strong relationships with vendors, contractors, engineers, and architects and works closely with them to design, build, and complete the company’s construction projects.

General Counsel

Stu Goodman

Stu serves as AaronRob’s General Counsel and represents the company in complex transactional matters, including the acquisition, sale, and leasing of commercial, retail, and multifamily real estate; general corporate matters; as well as loan and other financing transactions. In addition to his role at AaronRob, Stu is the Founder and Managing Member of Capstone Law LLC.

Financial Advisor

Nick Bernardo, CFP

Nick and his team oversee the company’s capital management, lending and liquidity strategies. Their planning process makes them an integral part of all major financial decisions. Nick is the Managing Partner and one of the founders of Bernardo Wealth Planning.

Accounting and Business Advisor

Andrew Berg, CPA

Andrew Berg and his team oversee the day-to-day financial aspects of the company, including bookkeeping, accounting, and tax-related matters. In addition, his team supports the company’s operational processes and provides strategic advice. Andrew is the Founder and Managing Member of Berg Advisors LLC, a Villanova, PA-based business advisory firm.

Building Manager and Project Foreman

Jas Blazevic

Jas is responsible for handling all maintenance and repairs. In addition, he serves as a foreman in the field for many of the company's construction projects.